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What is a Social Worker?

Browse available Social Worker Jobs. Social workers are individuals who deal with family and child related problems to provide solutions. They provide guidance and solutions to vulnerable children and adults who are in need of counselling to resolve deep lying issues related to their daily lives. Being a social worker is a profession which benefits individuals, groups, families and even communities. This is an academic profession requiring in-depth knowledge of both individual and social behavior to solve in-depth issues of both. Human behavior both on the individual or collective scale are very important in today’s fast-paced world. Social workers provide much needed calculated support to individuals lacking the sense of proper behavioral patterns.

Social Worker Jobs Overview

There are numerous facets to functioning as a social worker. If you are aspiring to be one, then you have to understand its primary motive – individual or collective welfare. Much of what a person is and can be relative to their personal or inter-personal skills. A society too has functions and behaves according to given patterns and structures. If you intend to be a social worker, you have to understand each and every detail of these increasingly co-related subject topics for providing a solution to them. A social worker works closely with the intended individuals or group to ease interpersonal relations thus streamlining proficiency and skill.

Minimum Age to Be a Social Worker:

 The minimum age required for an individual to function as a social worker is above 21 given that there are certain educational requirements to this field.

Social Worker Education Requirements:

 If you want to be a social worker you need to get a Bachelors’ degree in social work or other related fields such as sociology or psychology. It is also advised to add a Masters’ in social work to be able to go higher up in the designation ladder in this profession.

Social Worker Job Description

This job sector already employs nearly 600,000 individuals according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With a projected growth forecast near to 20% in the coming years, a total of 110,000 plus new vacancies will be created making this a very good prospect for a pursuant.
Among the more important sections seeing a significant rise in employing social workers are schools and government and private medical centers. Counselling is turning out to be an important part and parcel of these institutions driving up the demand for competent social workers to work in tandem with the whole system.

Social Worker Job Duties and Responsibilities

If you want to be social worker, here are some basic functions which you will be expected to fulfill:

  • Identifying underlying issues along with how to resolve them.
  • Planning for long or short term rehabilitation processes.
  • Taking care of sensitive situations related to abuse and violence.
  • Empowering individuals by providing them proper community resources such as healthcare.
  • Understanding community situations and solving problems with therapeutic procedures and interactive workshops.

Social Worker Job Requirements

A social worker has to act on a level above the prevailing situation. And this means both understanding the underlying problems and providing sound solutions to it. These are among the fundamental qualities expected from a social worker:

  • Excellent conversational and situational skills.
  • Aptitude to apply theoretical studies into reality.
  • An attitude for overall welfare beyond the line of duty.
  • Ability to quickly forge relationships and gaining trusts amongst target individuals.
  • A calm demeanour when faced with serious situations.
  • An unintimidating but strong personality.

As a social worker, expect to work closely with marginalized sects of the society to propel their empowerment. You may also come across situations which have moral ramifications on the victim and have to work closely at a personal level while maintaining professional integrity and results.

How to Become a Social Worker

If you already have a high school diploma or a GED in your resume, you need to go ahead and get a Bachelors’ degree in social work. You can also use degrees in more specialized but relative fields such as psychology and sociology to your advantage. What’s better is to get a Masters’ in social work done to make sure that you have a long-term future as a social worker.
The designation which you are looking for to become a functioning social worker is that of a C-SWCM. This stands for Certified Social Work Case Managers. Every state has their regulatory body for registering functional social workers. Higher degrees include MSW or Master Social Work and CSW or Clinical Social Work. CSW is a specific branch of social work dealing with mental or emotional illnesses and behavioral disturbances through proper assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

Social Worker Salary

The average median salary for a social worker is around the nation is at $44,000 per annum. You can expect a starting salary of around $28,000 plus with the top ten percentile drawing in over $70,000 as MSW or CSW.

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