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Travel Agent Jobs Overview

Travelling is fun as well as hectic affair if you don’t find a proper guidance. Travel agents are those who help in planning a trip for people and settle everything as per their budget. A travel agent needs to be very well aware of the place where they will be sending the tourists. This is because they need to offer their assistance to all those who will be travelling via an agent and suggest places or even plan their entire trip. Travel agents also work based on the tourism sector and bring out an offer to stay in the competition. They need to build a good relationship with different hotels and guides from different places. This will help them in making tie-ups and booking those places for the tourists conveniently. Travel agents are also responsible for getting the tickets done, confirming them, booking cars or cabs, etc.; in short – everything. It is a travel agent who decides how smooth the trip will be.

Minimum Age to Work be a Travel Agent:

 One has to be at least 18 years of age to work be a travel agent.

Travel Agent Job Education Requirements:

 To become a successful travel agent, one needs to have a basic degree of GED. Along with that, some vocational courses and training are required in the same field so that they can have a better knowledge on how to handle and manage the tourism industry. Moreover, there are certain skills, which are much required to convince customers and turn them into their service takers.

Travel Agent Job Description

A travel agent is the one who is solely responsible for making a trip itinerary planned to offer a memorable experience. They will provide their service to get you comfort and will help in making things run in a much smoother manner. They will take upon them to plan out and figure every part of the trip.
Travel agents should have a lot of knowledge about the local places where people will be visiting. This makes it easier for them to divide the trip into parts for sightseeing, shopping, etc. This way, a trip when planned by a travel agent will not miss out anything. Most of the travel agents work on a shift basis. But in the case of emergency, they should be cooperative. Also, these agents need to be much updated about the economic status of every country where people are travelling and about the laws and regulations as well.

Travel Agent Job Duties and Responsibilities

Browse available Travel Agent Jobs. If you are planning to be a travel agent, then you must know, there are a set of responsibilities and duties that one has to perform. This is why; one should have a vivid idea of one’s job profile, as the entire trip of travelers will be based upon their execution:

  • Arranging flights, getting insurance and confirming the tickets.
  • Using a booking system to ensure a pick drop facility from the airport of the new place they will be travelling to.
  • Arranging hotel as per the requirement of client.
  • Getting visas and passports done.
  • Keeping their clients updated with current status, information and changes that take place.
  • They are also supposed to calculate the total travelling cost and get the transaction done properly.
  • Booking cars for travelling to explore the place for tourists
  • They should also keep a check on the most delicate factors like health issues in case of emergency and help clients with contacts of health clinics

Travel Agent Job Requirements

Being a travel agent requires a lot of skills that will help the customers to believe in their potential of planning for a good trip.

  • Excellent communication skill. A travel agent needs to convince the client about the place and why they should take services from the agent. All these are only possible when they have an excellent communication skill.
  • Detail oriented. A potential customer will only turn into a client when the agent can listen to the requirements and provide them details accordingly. This will create a sense of confidence and will help the travel agent a lot for profitable returns.
  • Very active and cooperative. While travelling, a client will certainly have a lot of queries and doubts. An agent needs to be very calm and handle all the issues quickly. They cannot get offended or be impatient on facing one question several times.
  • Computer skills. One needs to do a lot of online transaction, keep a record and doing many more things digitally. This is why; one needs to have a good knowledge of computer.

Types of Travel Agent Jobs

There are different travel agents who are solely dedicated to providing service in particular sector like:

  • Air travel agent
  • Business /corporate travel agent
  • Holiday travel agent
  • Health care travel agent (when people are travelling for overseas treatment)

Travel Agent Job Salary

Travel agent jobs are right now at the peak as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. They can earn up to $34,500 per annum.

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