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Starbucks Facts

Starbucks, a place where people from all over come together for conversation and great coffee, is present the largest company in the world. Starbucks currently spreads all over 66 countries and territories in Africa, North America, Oceania, and South America, Asia, Europe. Starbucks’ headquarter is located in Seattle, Washington, United States, having about three thousand people worked so far. It owns 23,132 locations with more than then thousand employers until 2015. Being a Starbucks partner means having the opportunity to be something more than an employee. If you are willing to work in the service industry, Starbucks is definitely your best choice!

​How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Starbucks:

Minimum age to work at Starbucks is 16 years old. (Except for Montana where the minimum age is 14 years old.)

Starbucks Hours:

Mon - Fri: 5:30am - 11:00pm 

Sat: 6:00am - 11:00pm 

Sun: 6:00am - 10:00pm 

Hours of Operation may vary by location.

Starbucks Number of Stores:


Starbucks Number of Employees:


Job Types that Starbucks Offers:

Full-time, Part-time, Internship, Contract, Freelance

Printable Starbucks Application Form:

YES, Free Printable Starbucks Application Form

Starbucks Job Openings

Starbucks provides you with different positions and available jobs are listed below. Detailed information differs from store to store.

Starbucks Barista Jobs, Starbucks Shift Supervisor Jobs, Shift Supervisor, Store Manager, Starbucks Clerk, Assistant Store Manager, Shift Manager, Barista Trainer, Cashier, Associate, Product Manager, Supervisor, District Manager, General Manager, Assistant Manager, Sales Associate, Project Manager, Recruiter, Partner, Regional Director, Coffee Master, Shift Leader, Starbucks Team Member, Customer Service Representative, Intern, Team Associate, Compliance Manager, Sales, Administrative Assistant, etc.

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Starbucks Salary

Shift Supervisor:


Shift Manager:




Store Manager:


Starbucks Employee Benefits

  • Health Insurance Programs cover both part-time and full-time workers. This includes dental, medical, hospitalization, emergency care, office visits, laboratory procedures prescription drugs, and other medical treatments. 
  • Dental Insurance Program covers preventive and basic to major treatments. 
  • Vision Health Programs for Starbucks employees are excellent as they cover lenses, eye examination, contact lenses and frames.
  • In addition, benefits for Starbucks employees include accidental death and dismemberment insurance, disability coverage, adoption assistance, programs for financial assistance and counseling services. 
  • Starbucks College Achievement Plan benefits all  by offering eligible U.S. partners an opportunity  to complete a bachelor’s degree with full tuition reimbursement for every year of college through Arizona State University’s top-ranked degree programs, delivered online. In addition, for partners who are military service members and veterans, Statbucks offers an additional SCAP benefit to their spouse or child.
  • There is also a reimbursement account for company partners, which includes dependent care and health care that are both eligible for part-time and full-time partners. The longer the partners work with the company, the higher the reimbursements will be.
  • Full-time partners qualify for personal days, holidays, tuition reimbursement and vacation time. Part-time partners are eligible for vacation days, holidays and tuition reimbursements as well.
  • Starbucks employees can fully enjoy the advantages of partner perks including 30% in-store and online discounts, one free pound of coffee, box of K-Cup Packs or tea a week.

Advantages of Working at Starbucks

  1. Big name company
  2. Diversified job opportunities
  3. Advancement opportunities
  4. Pay is decent and stress isn't too high
  5. The environment is positive and motivated

How to Apply at Starbucks

  1. You can download the Starbucks job application form listed, fill it out and attach a resume with it when you apply for employment at any Starbucks Hiring Kiosk. Find a Starbucks Store near you.
  2. Apply Online. Go to, take a look at the hiring position and choose a location where you want to apply for the position. In addition, you can click “Refer This Job” to send information about the job to a friend.

Starbucks Application Online

Starbucks Interview Tips

Starbucks Corp is a customer-focused luxury brand of coffee chain. What Starbucks provided customer with is not simply coffee, but a spirally elevating customer experience and connection. Searching thoroughly for some information of Starbucks before attending the interview will contributes to your success better. Make sure you are familiar with behavioral-based interviews and questions typically focus on key competencies relevant to the position you are interviewing for. You’d better be specific in your answers with real-life examples to answer questions like “how you have handled situations in the past”. Stay on point when answering questions and be careful not to ramble. Make sure you listen to the question fully to allow you to answer correctly. Don’t be nervous, being yourself is OK!

Starbucks ​Interview Questions

  1. Tell us about yourself.
  2. What makes you want to be part of Starbucks?
  3. Why should we hire you?
  4. What is your biggest weakness and strength?
  5. What your career goals are?
  6. What is the worst example of customer service you have experienced and how did you handle it?

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