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Wells Fargo Overview

Browse available Wells Fargo Teller Jobs. Starting business 20 years ago, Wells Fargo has achieved such a great success and has become the largest bank by market capitalization with the advances of technology and communications. After two decades' development, a specific Wells Fargo value and culture has been created. Every decision should be made based on the common understanding of the culture. And most importantly, all team members should work together to motivate the work they do. The company is looking for people who are talented and understand the culture and embrace the core values. If you are a person with positive attitudes and want to be a member of the big Wells Fargo family. Please do not hesitate to apply for the job.

Wells Fargo Teller Job Description and Responsibilities

Working as a teller may be an ideal place to start your career If you enjoy a fast-paced work environment and consider yourself upbeat and a good listener. As the face of the company, they represent the whole image of the company and work in a challenging, fast-paced environment. Tellers at Wells Fargo should be responsible for:

  • Working closely as a key member of a team.
  • Excelling at multitasking: Finding ways to make financial services more convenient for customers; Referring customers to talk to Bankers or other Wells Fargo partners; Greeting customers and making them feel welcome, as well as catching up with those you see regularly; Processing transactions for customers to help them manage their finances, etc.
  • Providing excellent customer service.
  • Receiving frequent recognition and rewards for top performanc

Wells Fargo Teller Qualifications and Skills

  • 1+ years of experience interacting with people or customers.
  • Experience offering products and services.
  • Experience working in a fast-paced environment.
  • Have the ability to direct clients and customers to proper staff.
  • Be able to quickly recognize customers' financial services requirements .
  • Spoken and written communication skills.
  • Excelling in computer skills: MS Word, Excel and Banking software.
  • Highly skilled in receiving and processing all kinds of banking transactions such as verifying transactions, managing checking and savings account withdrawals and deposits.
  • Be able to give accurate and detailed information to bank clients.
  • Demonstrated ability to reply questions regarding bank services and procedures while maintaining excellent standards of customer service.
  • Proper handling all transactions in keeping with established procedures and maintaining positive customer feedbac

Wells Fargo Teller Salary and Benefits

Wells Fargo has an outstanding diverse team which can help you with your work and self-development, which matches the core values of the company. There are various opportunities and complete training programs for you to learn and grow. It is a global company which can provide you with a great platform to explore new and exciting things. Benefits such as 401k, health plans and paid time off are available. Wells Fargo matches 6% so they are giving you free money to add to your 401k. Employees have access to a choice of health insurance plans. There are so much more. When you join, you will be valued. Wells Fargo Teller earns an average of $25,00

Wells Fargo Teller Jobs